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Where does a Black Swan Come from?
A definitive answer cannot be found in NassimTaleb's book, Black Swan, which formalized the notion of Black Swans; it certainly cannot be found in the myriads of those pseudo-scientific research papers, written by ex-traders and market experts masquerading as mathematicians,
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Quantitative Finance
Working Miracles with the Differential Operator - II
I cannot ascribe the following quote to any one particular person, because, my old boss, Justin P., who taught me options trading, said to me once that someone who had taught him the tricks of the trade had, in turn, heard it from someone else in those yo-yo days of Wall Street in the mid-1980s
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History of Finance
A Very Brief History of Quant Finance
The history of Quantitative Finance is essentially a history of the conquest of "Volatility". The story is about how a few exceptionally talented men across both sides of the Atlantic grappled with the concept of volatility and ultimately tamed it.
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Financial and Engineering Mathematics
Eigenfunctions and Operators: Excursions in Vector Space
In Quantitative Finance we study eigenvectors and eigenvalues within the context of interest rate modeling, Principal Components Analysis (PCA) and many other important topics, including multi-asset Monte Carlo simulation. Eigenvectors and eigenvalues are extremely important mathematical concepts
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Ken Hagino
CFE Graduate
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Hong Kong
James de Castro
Formerly, Head of Trading Merrill Lynch,
Hong Kong
Jerry Yoon
Managing Director
Royal Bank of Scotland
CFE Graduate
Anshum Bhambri
Equity Derivatives Structurer
Ex-Deutsche Bank
CFE Graduate
Michelle Leung
Chinese International Capital
Corporation (CICC)
Hong Kong
CFE Graduate
Boris Mangal
FX Options trader
RBC Capital Markets
Lynn Raebsamen
Hong Kong
Francois Laine
Rabobank International
Ken Tune
Director, Business Analyst
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